Springtime brings new life to just about everything, including prospective homeowners’ hopes and dreams for a new place to live.

Depending on where you live (a big consideration), April sits square in the middle of prime home-selling time. The prime reasons are:

  • Cabin fever. If you live in a four-season region, people who’ve spent five months cooped up inside most of the time naturally want to get out and explore. Often that means more than a walk in the park—it means new housing possibilities.

  • Curb appeal. The grass is green. The flowers are blooming. The curb appeal of your home is at its peak, which means that prospective buyers will naturally be more likely to take a second look at your property.

  • Kids and school. Parents generally don’t like to move during the school year because of how it might disrupt their kids’ education. And because it generally takes 30 to 60 days to close a home sale, a home that sells on, say, April 20 probably won’t close until around June 1. By then, the kids are out of (or almost out of) school, giving Mom and Dad time to get the family moved to their new home well ahead of next school year.

For these and other reasons, if you’re looking to sell, get your house on the market in March or April to catch the wave of homebuyers looking for their next house. Who knows, it might be yours they’re looking for!