It seems like an intrinsic part of the suburban American dream: the two-story house surrounded by a sprawling green lawn with nary a weed to be seen. But do you really need that? Well, no—nobody needs a big yard; but it’s all what you want to do with the yard and what you’re willing to do to keep it up that counts.


Affordability aside, the allure of a big yard is space to play, especially for the kids. If you’re an outdoor family that likes to kick the soccer ball, play catch with a baseball or just run in the grass, then maybe the sacrifice of mowing and fertilizing and watering a big lawn is worth it. In addition, if you’re into gardening and landscaping, a big yard let’s you spread your wings creatively while adding lots of beauty to the property.


On the other hand, if you’re using the deep, wide lawn merely as a showpiece, the expense and the time involved may become less important and more of a burden as time goes on. What a big yard adds to curb appeal (if it’s well-kept) is undeniable. It’s impressive. It catches the eye and makes neighbors jealous. But the value of that can wear thin if you don’t have a reason for it other than status and bragging rights.


It’s all in what you really value that makes a big yard worth it, or not. Make sure you have those values firmly in mind before you commit to one.