It can seem like when buying a home, all those little fees start to add up into one giant irritation. But of all the little things that you have to shell out for, DO NOT FORSAKE a home inspection.


Why? Aren’t most inspectors on the take from someone who’s paying them to bend the rules or look the other way? No, most home inspectors are fine, upstanding professionals who can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in costly repairs to that wonderful home you thought was just the best place ever but are better off forgetting, and quickly.


For one thing, you don’t have the experience or the equipment to detect the past water leaks, the presence of radon, the soon-to-be faulty wiring or the questionable plumbing job in the new bathroom that an experienced inspector can. Home inspectors worth their salt have seen it all—every shaky remodeling job, every cut corner, every hastily installed roof. They’re the last line of defense against all the hidden costs that are just waiting to bite you after you’ve signed the papers and that new place is officially your responsibility.


So, before you put pen to paper, hire that inspector, even if his schedule puts your closing date at risk. The few hundreds dollars you spend on his services could mean several thousand you won’t have to spend on the services of a plumber, electrician or carpenter down the road.