As people realize that (gasp!) August is upon us already; it might seem like it’s suddenly past prime house-selling season. Fear not. Before you hang up the touch-up paintbrushes and your home-selling hopes with them, let’s settle a few things:

  1. Somebody, somewhere, is always looking for a house. Let’s be clear about that—especially in high-growth areas and healthy regional economies, people in our mobile society area constantly switching jobs and, therefore, switching homes. That means, even though it might seem that homebuying is moving to the back burner for everyone, it’s simply not true. Somebody just got hired, transferred, promoted or simply decided to move in or to your area, probably while you were reading this. 
  2. It’s never the wrong time to sell. Along with that, markets may cool and there indeed may be hotter times to buy and sell; but the truth is, forces beyond homebuyers’ control push them into the market all the time. In all but the smallest and most economically challenging areas of our country, the spigot never completely turns off. Ever.
  3. You bought your house, and somebody else will, too. It may sound trite, but you probably bought the house you’re in at a less-than-ideal market. Why? Because you wanted to or had to. Simple as that. And because every house sells for exactly the price that the market will bear, yours will, too. 
So take heart. The economy is still healthy, job growth is steady, and buyers for your house will come—even if the kids are heading off to school before you know it.