Do you walk into your garage and instantly wish you weren’t there? Shoes here, paint cans there, yard tools and off-season décor and assorted laundry everywhere. Wouldn’t it be nice to walk into a well-organized garage instead, a place where you actually can find stuff when you want it—and maybe even fit your cars in, to boot?

Depending on where you live (basement country vs. concrete slab areas like Texas, Nevada and Florida), this is easier said than done. But it can be done. Try this:

Take inventory. What’s in your garage, and what can go elsewhere? You have closets. You probably have at least one attic space. Do you have a shed? Do you need one? And before you build one (or more expensively, rent a storage space), ask yourself: Do I need this? Be ruthless. A lot of that junk can probably go, either to the curb, to Goodwill or in other spaces around your house.

Draw it up. Next, draw two diagrams of your garage, as close to scale as you can (1/8 in.=1 ft., for instance). On one, draw what you have. On the other, figure out where you’d like to put stuff if you had a choice (you do). Then figure out what additional outfitting you need. 

Shelves and hooks. That gear should include the two items come in handier for any garage reorganization project than any other: sturdy shelves and plenty of wall and ceiling hooks. When you look at that diagram, figure out where you can install shelves and hooks to hold whatever remains from your inventory list that absolutely must be there.

That’s about it. Make the most of your space—it isn’t hard. It just takes some planning!