Wintertime has an appeal all its own, but when the wind starts whipping and the temps drop, it’s way too easy to let the curb appeal of your house drop, too. Don’t let that happen.

Keep the snow off. If you live in a cold-weather region, keep your driveway visible. It takes a little more diligence and maybe even some driveway salt, but seeing black pavement or concrete in between the piles of snow definitely makes a much better visual impression than packed-down snow.

Make leaves leave. If you live in a warmer climate, wintertime leaves never seem to. But there’s something about a pile of leaves left to rot in a corner of your front yard that says, “Someone here doesn’t care.” Even after your big fall leaf day, take care of that by grabbing a leaf rake and doing a frequent scan of your yard for stragglers—those last survivor leaves blowing in from neighbors’ yards or freshly fallen from your own trees. 

Prune the trees. Summertime growth is over. Now that the sap has stopped flowing, take some time to trim those asymmetrical branches and round out those tree profiles. The trimmed look makes for a great first impression, and people won’t even know why.