What with all the weather suddenly turning cold and gray (in most of the country), it’s time to think about the more macabre side of life and putting up a few goblins and gremlins, just for a little Halloween fun.

For your entryway, why not use a few lights and sound effects on timers, just to give the right sense of foreboding to any small visitors who might happen by? Try some orange or green-and-black garlands or the tried-and-true jack-o-lanterns on the porch with battery-operated lights as well—whatever you might add just to make it fun.

And then inside—go nuts. Cotton cobwebs, plastic creepy-crawlies, jack-o-lantern lights, Addams Family standups … the possibilities go on and on. Black tablecloths, placemats and napkins subtly displayed on Halloween or the day before can add just the right touch, too. On tabletops and bookcases, a disembodied hand or talking head can provide just the, um, conversation starter you need for a Halloween party.

And, oh, the final piece: wall hangings and props. Pictures, black-and-orange streamers, skeletons dangling from the ceiling and even a black cat or two can make for the ambiance you’re looking for when guests arrive at the door.

It’s just once a year, so have some Halloween fun!