Whether it’s a mudroom, a wine cellar or a spa, new home amenities continuously appear – bringing convenience and pleasure to homeowners everywhere. This year look for these hot amenities when you’re shopping for a new home. Or, add them as soon as you can!

Dedicated Laundry Room: One of the most popular requests from home buyers is an upgraded laundry room. Amenities like utility sinks, drying racks and folding tables, and ample storage top the list.
Smart Mirror: These LED installed mirrors control brightness levels and lighting temperature, and they defog easily with touch controls and memory.
Underfloor Heating System: In the bathroom or kitchen, underfloor heating systems keep that tile or cement floor a constant temperature year-round.
Outdoor Kitchen: With so much time spent at home now, upsizing your living space by expanding it to the outdoors offers room to grow without the cost of a true home addition. Outdoor kitchens and upgraded patios with fireplaces and grills hold their resale value as well, making them a hot home amenity for years to come.
Energy-Efficient Features: Energy Star certified appliances, LED lighting, triple pane windows, smart thermostats, and solar panels are all gaining in popularity and quickly becoming the standard.
Finished Garage: The addition of flooring, a cabinetry system, and ceiling storage have turned garages into yet another multi-use room of the house. Ease of maintenance, increased storage options and style make this one of the most wanted home amenities this year.